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A meeting room that suits you De Parel and Het Koraal

Strandhotel Golfzang has two rooms. 'De Parel' can be found on the first floor. The roof is largely made of glass, and the walls also contain many windows. Thanks to this construction, De Parel has a lot of natural light. The hall is equipped with modern technological features, including air conditioning.

You will find 'Het Koraal' on the ground floor of our hotel. In this room with rustic colors and plenty of natural light, your meeting, presentation, or dinner will be a guaranteed success.

Our meeting rooms

Rustic colors, natural light, and modern equipment

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Non-binding appointment Meet our hotel

We are happy to give you a no-obligation tour to introduce you to Beach Hotel Golfzang. Please feel free to contact our sales department to discuss the various options that suit your wishes and needs: or +31 72 750 2020.

During our introduction and guided tours, we keep 1.5 metres of distance for your and our safety and health.